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Herbalist healer and traditional healer Professor Pavaki has powerful herbs & spells to heal any disease. I have herbs to heal asthma, cancer, infertility, breast enlargement herbs, penis enlargement herbs, herbs to heal migraine and any health problem you are facing.


Herbalist healer and traditional healer Professor Pavaki has powerful herbs & spells to heal any disease. I have herbs to heal asthma, cancer, infertility, breast enlargement herbs, penis enlargement herbs, herbs to heal a migraine and any health problem you are facing.
As a herbalist I use plants to heal and treat disease, I have herbs to treat STDs, herbs to treat anxiety, herbs to heal stress, herbs to treat diabetes, herbs to treat weak erections, herbs to treat low libido and herbs to increase sexual performance in men and women.
The use of plants as medicines predates written human history. In Africa this ancient history of herbal medicine has been passed on from one herbalist to another in order to cure disease
Ethnography (the study of traditional human uses of plants) is recognized as an effective way to discover future medicines.
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History of herbal medicine

Herbal medicines have been around since prehistoric times. They have been used for medicinal purposes for as long as recorded history. People from many cultures around the world use herbal medicines. They were used in Ancient Africa, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, and Indian (Ayurveda) medicine. Native American and African cultures use herbs in their healing rituals.

The first written herbal record was in 2800 B.C., the Pen T’sao by Shennong (also known as The Divine Farmer). In 400 B.C., Hippocrates wrote the first herbal medicine record in Greek

In 200 A.D., Galen, an herbal practitioner, developed a classification system for remedies and illnesses. In the 1800’s the National Association of Medical Herbalists is founded to help promote and defend the practice of herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine is practiced today in countries around the world. Each government determines the extent to which practitioners may distribute their herbal remedies.

Benefits of herbs
Healthy herbs have long held an important place in our wellness. There are a number advantages associated with using herbal medicines as opposed to pharmaceutical products.

Herbalism is also known as botanical medicine, medical herbalism, herbal medicine, herpetology, herb lore, and physiotherapy. Herbalist refers to using a plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark or flowers for medicinal purposes.

With the growing interest in health and wellness, alternative medicines are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Also, with the increasing prices of prescription medicine, herbal medicines are often cheaper than their conventional medicine counterparts.

Herbal medicine has both spiritual & nutritional value that will heal you spiritually and physically with no negative side effects at an affordable cost.

Advantages of herbal healing – Herbalist

Preventative Nutrition by making the body more resistant to illness & strengthening the immune system
Eradicating the Cause of Disease (Cardiovascular diseases, Digestive problems, Respiratory Problems, Cancers
Reduced risk of side effects from using herbal medicine as compared to pharmaceutical drugs
Herbs are very effective in treating chronic conditions i.e cancer, arthritis & mental problems
Herbs cost much less than prescription medications.
Widespread availability of herbal medicine
Medicinal herbs can be used in a variety of ways i.e herbal teas, herbal pills e.t.c.
Holistic healing providing relief for multiple conditions

At Herbalist Healer, we provide holistic traditional medicine to heal the mind, body & soul. We sell quality herbal medicine including herbal teas, herbal pills, herbal lotions, botanical and body-care products.

Spiritual benefits of herbal medicine
Herbs have spiritual properties that can be used to balance your spirituality & align your energies in the aura & chakras.

The spiritual healing properties of herbal medicine is used by Traditional healers to provide holistic healing of both the spiritual components & physical components of your sickness making herbalist healing more effective

The different herbs in the plant kingdom have unique spiritual qualities that enable you to connect more to mother nature, ancestral spirits & the universal forces

As you explore your personal connection to all creation, you enhance your ability to live comfortably and safely in a physical body on earth helping you recover holistically

Generally speaking the spiritual component of herbs can assist in clearing negative energies, prevent nightmares, purify your soul, restore youth, ensure happiness in a relationship, banish illness, keep out negativity, induce spiritual connections, absorb negativity, attract prosperity, increase the bond between two people, increase spiritual regeneration & remove obstacles.